-- Responsible Ecotourism


Ridingcolombia is committed to sustainable developmente and that's why it was implemented the tourism sectorial policy NTS-TS-003. The sustainability policy states: In Ridingcolombia we compromised with the preservations of the environment, the respect for the sociocultural aspects of the region and helping with the economic growth of the geographical zones where we operate through the horse rental, hiring and provision of food and accommodaion. 

Among our sutainability objectives we have:

  • Not to have a negative impact on the natural heritage by continuing to use sidewalk roads.
  • Generate an positive economic impact in the regions in which we operate through the generation of income for the region by contractong all the required services during the tours, and trhough the generation of indirect employment. We operate during the low season, therefore it is highly beneficial for the regions nearby.
  • Generate a cultural impact by visiting the natural and cultural heritage of the regions where we operate.
  • Include activities  during the tour, which promote the selling of handicrafts and products of the regions where we operate.
  • Do not allow the sexual exploitation of minors in our tours.
  • Do not allow in our tours the traffic of fauna, flora and cultural goods.
  • Promote with our suppliers the saving of water, energy and the correct disposal of solid waste.