The purpose of this article is to show broadly the difference between the Colombian horse (called “criollo”) and European-North American horse, and the reasons why the Colombian horse is different and softer. While in Europe and North America there are many different breeds of horses, for the purpose of this article will generalize like one race.

The height of a horse is measured as the height at its back (exactly the cross). The Colombian horse is lower (1.4m) and thin. Therefore, the greater height and robustness of European-USA horse makes your movements (gaits) feel stronger for the rider.


By Lucia Lozano

Colombia is a tropical country; so, some people may think that the principal touristic places are beaches, jungle and big cities like Bogota and Medellin, but Colombia is more than that, our country has a lot of beautiful natural places to visit. Colombia has three mountain ranges, giving the country the fortune of having places with hot, mild or cold weather year around. For example if you visit Bogota, for us is a cold weather city, but if you live in a country with stations it should be like the beginning of spring. From Bogota, you may take a car and after three hours drive you may arrive to a place of 30ºC (86 F); also, you can travel for about an hour and find one of the unique ecosystem of Colombia, the Paramo.

You may be wondering, what is so special about Paramo? So, let me tell you…