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    General Description

    We organize only private tailor made tour for adult intermediate or advanced riders

    We will ride on the mountainous area of the Raquira Region (Boyac√° state), located between 2,200 and 2,900 meters above sea level. These regions have temperatures between 13 and 24 centigrade during the day, normally dry weather, with rainy weather on some days. They are located 140 km from Bogota and it takes around three hours by car to get there.

    We are going to ride on small unpaved roads and small and adventure trail until the top of mountains.

    We will see different kind of landscapes, desert areas and fertile valleys.

    Our business model is responsible ecotourism. We are looking to generate a positive social impact to the provinces we visit because we contract local horses and other selected services with local providers, with whom we have an established business relationship for years. We design and lead the tour all the time in order to maintain the standards of ridingcolombia. We have ridden the horses, also we have traveled several times the trails and roads in the region and therefore, we can offer reliable plans.

    We can redesign this tour according with your preferences.

  • Summary

    horse ride ridingcolombia

    Number of total days:  Three

    Riding days: Two

    Riding ability level: adult intermediate and advance

    Number of hours per day: 3-5 hours,

    Type of horses: Colombian criollos.

    Speed: Moderate. We do a lot of canter. Our international experience with international horse trail rides is that we use to ride faster than those rides.

    Group Size: 2- 4 people

    All the departures are guaranteed

    horse ride ridingcolombia

    Language: Spanish and English

    Climate Weather:

    We do not have season. We are in the tropic.

    Temperatures are strongly influenced by the altitude. We are going to ride between 2,200 and 2,900 meters above sea level.

    Most of the time the temperatures between 13 and 22 centigrade during the day, normally dry weather, with rainy weather on some days.

    Bookings, Prices and dates
    You will fill a inscription Form and pay us a deposit in advance.

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    It is the standard itinierary. We can redesign this tour according with your preferences.


    We pick you up in your hotel in the morning and we will travel by car for around 3 hours to a hotel outside of Villa de Leyva town where we will sleep all the nights. During this travel, we will visit the place where was the battle of independence of our Country in 1819. Also we will eat a typical ‚Äúarepa boyacense‚ÄĚ.

    We will take lunch and then the horse ride will begin.

    We are going to explore the mountainous area of the Raquira Region, located at 2300 meters above sea level, with temperatures between 18 and 24 centigrade during the day, normally dry weather, with rainy weather on some days. There are many small and adventure trail going up to the top of those mountains. We will pass through oak forest and brooks.

    During the rides we will see beautiful landscapes of the mountain range and the valleys of Villa de Leyva, Raquira and Tinjacá. We will visit a typical rural small town (San Miguel de Sema). We can visit the church and the typical construction and we can eat some goodies.

    We use to ride a faster than the rides in Europe. We do a lot of canter but not very much gallop. We will ride for about 3-4 hours.


    After a good breakfast and a 30 minutes ride by car we get the place where the ride will begin.

    Today we are going to go up to the mountains range, taking different dirty roads or trails- We will pass through oak forest and brooks. Close to the top of the mountains we can see behind and watch beautiful landscapes. After we cross the mountain range, a new valley is open to our view to observe from the top of the mountain the F√ļquene Lake. Until the 1970‚Äôs Laguna de F√ļquene was Colombia‚Äôs largest lake. Today only 3,000 hectares are left from the originally 10,000 hectares because the flat lagoon was dried or filled with land to gain acreage for agriculture and stock farming. We will stop here to enjoy the landscapes, to let the horses rest, eat snacks and to rest a little bid. After the arrival we will have a tardy and succulent lunch.

    After the lunch, if you are tired, we can go back to the hotel or we can do a short visit  to Villa de Leyva. Villa de Leyva is the small town that better preserves memories of old colonial times and expresses the best of Spanish influence. It was founded in 1572 and built according to Spanish architectural norms. Even the location of the city (in a valley) seems to be an emotional encounter of the New World with places from Spain.


    It is the day we come back to Bogota. We will do a hike  during 1-2 hours or visit Raquira Town.

    After that, we will start the travel to Bogota and we will stop in the middle of car drive for lunch in a nice restaurant with a beatiful view